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    Neymar Instagram

    Neymar Instagram photos and pictures are displayed from Neymar’s Official Instagram account: @njunior11.

    Neymar’s career launched with the Brazilian club team Santos and put him on the global watch list of “Best Futbol Players” alive. And of course the club known to harbor some of the most skillful and sought after players, Barcelona, scooped him up even before his contract was up. However, his prowess on the field isn’t the only aspect of his career that’s taking off. Neymar has become an idol and sex symbol in Brazil and most other parts of the world for the younger generations. His playful personality coupled with his flamboyant appearance has helped launch Neymar’s modeling career.

    Neymar Instagram is a showcase of the Brazilian and Barcelona Superstar’s life off the field. We constantly monitor his official Instagram, @njunior11, to link the most popular, interesting, and amusing photos of the young Barcelona superstar. Neymar spends a considerable amount of time with his Barcelona teammates, taking photos of parties and poolside BBQs. It becomes immediately obvious why Neymar is held at such a high regard by the younger generations, not only as a futbol superstar but as a symbol of youthful freedom. Neymar’s Instagram photos depict the trickster off the field as he really is.

    Neymar’s slender physique is a refreshing change from the bulked-up image often portrayed as “sexy” by fashion magazines and the entertainment industry. He maintains just the right amount of body fat and muscle mass that is attractive.

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