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    Interesting tweets from Neymar twitter.

    With 8 million followers and growing, Neymar twitter, @Njr92, is where you’ll find (infrequent) tweets by the Barcelona and Brazil star, Neymar.

    Neymar’s twitter page is a hub for posting his occasional comments, updates on life events, and promotion of companies and services. Neymar is not as active on twitter as he is on instagram. However, it’s still worth following and keeping track of what the Barcelona superstar has to say about his career, his life, and the game.

    Neymar’s Twitter Promoting Questionable Business?

    Neymar’s Twitter Promoting Questionable Business?

    In his latest tweet on August 24th, 2013, Neymar promoted a file sharing company that appears to be a bit behind the game. Take a look at the tweet posted…