Neymar’s Top 10 Goals for Santos

This video shows you the Top 10 best goals Neymar has ever scored for Santos before his move to Barcelona.

10) A nice run in midfield from a throw-in and then a wicked shot to the top right corner.

9) A long range screamer from 30 yards out to the top left corner.

8) A lovely run through the heart of the defense, fakes 2 defenders and uses his outside boot to finish.

7) This goal shows how good he is at faking keepers.

6) A lovely run from his own half, splitting the questionable opposing defense and finished off with a delicate chip.

5) Fakes a shot outside the penalty area and curls a beautiful shot using his left foot to the left corner of goal. Absolute beauty of a goal!

4) Getting a pass from 35 yards out and Neymar dribbles his way into the penalty area, faking 2 defenders and then the keeper for an amazing solo goal.

3) A nice flick with the heel of his foot from the center of the field sends him through on goal and he dribbles past a defender before applying a nice finish to the left.

2) He dribbles into the penalty area, fakes a defender before driving the ball to the bottom right corner in a crowded area. Although he could have passed it to his teammates, he preferred to go for glory.

1) This goal that he scored has all the following elements:

  • Slick passing
  • Teamwork
  • Lovely skills
  • Cool and composed finishing

This is what makes him a deadly forward and one of Brazil’s best.